Baringo Man Constructs A KSh 2 Million Water Borehole For His In-Laws And Thanks Them For An Amazing Wife

A Baringo man has constructed a KSh 2 million water borehole for his in-laws.

A man in his late 50s has gone back to his in-laws’ place in Kiplekwa Village in Tenges Ward, Baringo Central and constructed them a Ksh2 million water borehole to ease their water troubles.

Charles Kipng’ok, who hails from Cheplambus in Baringo Central, said he wanted to show appreciation to his in-laws for giving him an “amazing” wife, who has stuck by him for over 30 years.

A favour to the community.

Kipng’ok said that besides showing appreciation to his spouse’s parents, he also wanted to return a favour to the community that gifted him a partner, hence the choice of a borehole for a token.


He said:

I would appreciate it more if the local residents used the borehole for irrigation purposes so that they can produce more food to feed their families.

Digging the borehole, installing a water panel, acquiring three 10, 000-litre tanks, buying piping equipment and labour, cost Kipng’ok Ksh2 million, he said.

Tenges Ward MCA, Sylas Tochim, who was present as Kipng’ok surrendered the borehole to the Kiplekwa community lauded the businessman for his generosity.

Kipng’ok is a commercial tea grower and dairy farmer.

He and his wife, Lornah Kipng’ok, have been married for at least 30 years and have five children together.

Mrs Kipng’ok is a retired civil servant, who is now practicing farming.

(H/T K24)


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