Atwoli Says Mzungu Woman Serving His Wife Is Advisor, Not Mboch

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has come out to set the record straight about the mzungu  woman that was seen serving his wife, Mary Kilobi at their Kajiado home.

According to Atwoli, the Caucasian woman whom he revealed is “Madam Pavic” is in no way his househelp.

The wealthy man says the woman is his advisor on home management.

“Madam Pavic is not my house help as perceived she’s an advisor on home management !” Atwoli tweeted.


Madam Pavic
Alleged Atwoli’s househelp, Madam Pavic and Mary Kilobi

However, some Kenyans could not quite agree with Atwoli as to them, there is no difference between an advisor on home management and a mboch.

“One and the same thing Omwami,” @KLangat6 commented.

“Advisor on home management is an elite name for a househelp. Papa Atwoli I give you fear,” @Swaka_Em said.

Atwoli and Kilobi
Atwoli and Kilobi

The photo was initially posted by Kilobi on her Instagram page with the caption, “Yes, it is that cold in Kajiado.”


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