Akuapem Poloo Says She Moved To Kasoa Because Couldn’t Afford Her $1000 Accra Rent Anymore

Akuapem Poloo says she relocated to Kasoa after her white lover stopped sponsoring her expensive lifestyle in the city.

After a conversation with Delay, Akuapem Poloo revealed all the antics she employed just for fame. Offering private twerk sessions for her male customers was the tip of the iceberg she had to chip into to force her to stay in the capital city.

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“Accra is too expensive. Two-roomed self apartment (at Dzorwulu). I was paying $1,000 per month, and I rented it for 2years. I wasn’t the one paying for it. My sponsor was a 54-year-old Whiteman in America. I met him on Facebook, he never saw me physical, but we always facetime and video call on WhatsApp. We are not together anymore. (and that’s why the money stopped coming).”

Akuapem Poloo went on to detail how her woes pilled up after Cardi B acknowledged her during her trip to Ghana. She disclosed that her manager terminated their contract because she danced with Cardi B, her ‘friend’.

“After the Cardi-B left, my manager felt that the young girl he was grooming had gone far. He managed me from 2018, and Cardi-B came in 2020. My manager said he spent on me and yet didn’t get anything in return… I didn’t get anything from her (Cardi B) but twerking with her spoilt everything,” Akuapem Poloo lamented.

She also shared lessons from her escapades, including jail time, faking ownership of a car and offering ‘demeaning’ services to her clients for extra money.

“I have learnt a lot. Anything at all can take you to jail. And fame, if you don’t take care, can land you where you don’t want. Now I live in Kasoa. Accra is too expensive for me now that I’m taking care of my son, mom and myself. And I’m trying to build myself. So that money for just a year’s rent in dollars can buy land and build a house.”


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