Akua Saucy Emotionally Reacts To Her Leaked N*des & Photos As She Cries Uncontrollably

Akua Saucy, a Twitter woman, has finally broken her silence on the matter after her n#de pictures were leaked online by one guy for over 24 hours.

Akua Saucy expressed her remorse for her decisions in a series of tweets, admitting that life can often be the literal hell that is often discussed.

“Oh God, why me,” she tweeted the first time she addressed the problem, along with a slew of weeping emojis.

saucy 1

She also dropped another tweet which read: “Everything happens for a reason” as a way of telling all the people who have been bashing her that she may come out of this stronger.

saucy 2

Akua Saucy then sent out another tweet, claiming that she was sure that this would not last long and that it would be over shortly.

saucy 3


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