Akothee’s Firstborn Completes Her First Degree

Akothee’s firstborn completed her first degree and it’s honestly very inspiring.

Imagine giving birth at the age of 14? You would be ashamed right? Akothee also known as the president of single mothers has raised 5 kids mostly on her own and is doing a pretty good job at it. Many people have several opinions on how she should raise her kids and what she should wear, eat and where she should hang out. Her life is pretty much in public and she’s very open about her hard and difficult past. But in the midst of all these challenges Akothee’s first born has completed her first degree, she wrote on her social media that she never graduated but had 5 birth certificates instead.

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I gave birth at the age of 14 I have no degree ,but 5 birth certificates. I was a disgrace to my parents????????, but now none of my children is a disgrace to me, fada lod first degree done, I am a proud pretty momma of 5 ???????????????????????? @veshashaillan????????????????????????????????
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Clearly this woman is limitless. 

It is every parent’s dream to ensure that their kids get the best education and have limitless opportunities that they didn’t have. Akothee has proven to other mother’s that regardless of people’s disappointments and mindless comments you can still make it in life. With careful planning, hard work and a carefree attitude there’s a lot more you can do for yourself and children. She mentioned that she is grateful that none of her children is a disgrace to her and with her firstborn graduating from Strathmore University it’s rather obvious that the mother of 5 has set the bar quite high.

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