Akothee Writes A Letter About Betty Kyallo That Reveals A Lot Of Surprising Facts

Akothee has written a letter about Betty Kyallo that reveals a lot. 

Singer Akothee has penned down a heartfelt message to media Personality Betty Kyallo as she turns a year older, revealing little known secrets about the TV girl.

The mother of five showered the K24 news anchor with praise for being a strong girl, remembering the old times when her daughter had been admitted in hospital but Ms Kyallo would still report on duty with a smiling face.

In her well written message, Ms Akoth lauded Betty for being an outstanding media personality who has managed to build a name for herself in very competitive industry.

Forget about BETTY KYALO THE BRAND & focus on the little girl in her , this is one of the amazing single mothers that I love appreciate and adore, Betty is in her early 30s,and despite all the judgments ,social media critics, honorable of justice Wannabees of Mr / Mrs Know All , this girl has done quite alot for herself at her age ????, some of you screaming and making noise are already in your 40s with not even a name, a brand or a business ,forget about a family ????. Early Last year, she had her child in hospital for over months ????‍♂️????‍♂️, but she was constantly on TV and still moving around with a strong face, not knowing she had fire burning in her.

The Abebo hit-maker also disclosed that Betty’s Mother got an accident at a time she was taking care of her granddaughter and ended up being admitted, making it hard for Betty to balance between work and taking care of sick family members.


You are a Hero.

I happened to go visit the daughter, unfortunately the same day, her mother who was there to help her balance between her career and the sick child had had ,an accident, she fell and injured her knee, she was also admitted in the same hospital with her grandchild ????‍♂️????‍♂️!, the same day, I saw a blog busy blogging negatively about how betty has taken weight and no longer look after herself ????‍♂️????‍♂️ compared to the other newly married ????????, I wondered if she was eating in their house, this hit me below the belt, forcing me to call on the blog and ask if they really know what that girl is going through, or are they just writing because they want to write ????????, I felt soo much pain as if she was my sister ????????. Every single mother is feeling what I am saying , balancing between career and family is a hell of work , people will meet you out having fun once in a while and start judging and even asking you where you have left your child & with whom , but no one will ever ask to which school she / he goes too,ask for the bank details and arrears, if they ask you the school, they want to know your standards ????????( binaadamu) Betty Kyalo You are A hero , a SIBUORESS. I visit her saloon @flaibybetty just like any other customer, I dont ask for fee service simply because I am a celeb, I walk in do my shit ,pay & leave, I still go ahead joke with her employees. She is a beautiful soul, a good innocent girl , mummy Do what you ought to do ,hustle until someone ask if you selling HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY @bettymuteikyallo

The singer also expressed displeasure in the manner with Netizens keep on attacking and judging celebrities’ without knowing the struggles they are going through.

Upon receiving the sweet message from Madam Boss, Ms Kyallo said

 Oh my sweetheart @akotheekenya What a wonderful post ❤️ this is just so sweet of you and I appreciate the love from my heart. Honestly if women could see the good and the struggle among each other we could be better. Thank you for seeing the good in my strengths. I take pride in women like you, who don’t think that appreciating other women will dim their light. I did go through so much and even got abused for it but thank God I’m a woman of steel just like you. Let’s continue celebrating each other sweetie, God will indeed continue to bless our families and our lives. More love and thank you for also supporting my business. That’s what true friends are for. ❤️


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