Bad Blood? Akothee Unfollows BFF Zari Hassan On Instagram

Akothee has done away with photos of her bff Zari and even unfollowed her from Instagram, something that has their fans smelling some bad blood between them.

Their friendship has been surviving for the last two years until recently when they ceased to speak about each other.

Both mothers would link up on lavish trips, serving netizens with sleepless nights of some bestie-goals.

Zari might be still hanging on to hope but her friend seems to have moved on completely.

Tanzanians picked up on the awkward silence between the two and concluded that their relationship may have been soiled.

Fans have not been spotting any mentions between the two in the comments section as they used to before.

They do not even like each other’s posts anymore.

No news is out yet on what may have happened, causing the wariness.

Some time in December 2019, the moms were planning to bring their children together over the holidays.

They also co-hosted a women’s conference (empowerment) together.


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