I Can’t Still Be An Irrelevant Comedian After Getting First Class From UCC – Ajeezay

Going through the hustle and bustle of obtaining a University degree is a big deal, particularly if you’re keen on scoring a first class in your chosen field of endeavour.

It’s thus both gratifying and heart warming when such a certificate is put to use at a prestigious company.

For many, obtaining a first class at the University is the first step to securing a well paying job.

But for Nathaniel Mensah, securing a first class degree from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana is only the first step in not securing a white collar job, but rather, being on stage with highly acclaimed persons in the world of comedy.

Ghanaian Comedian, Ajeezay De NonfaKing, known in real life as Nathaniel Mensah says he aspires to mount international stages with comedy and become “that biggest brand Ghana will ever see”.

The comedian who graduated from University of Cape Coast with First Class Honours in Educational Science but ‘disappointed’ his family by switching to comedy as a career says, he does not intend to let his education go waste.

In an interaction with freelance journalist and vlogger, Selorm Helen, Ajeezay stressed that, he has not dumped his first-class degree for comedy but will ensure his academic smartness shines through his craft.


He said, “The fact that I dropped the paper (degree) doesn’t mean I’m not using what I acquired from the university as a knowledge body. When you listen to my craft don’t you see first class in them? I do intelligent stuff.”


According to the comedian, acquiring higher academic qualification should not stop one from equally pursuing passion and living a happy life.


“I dropped a very enviable treasure that’s the First Class. That paper could have made me a lecturer or a professor but I dropped it. It means that I should really go hard on this side and make sure I do something enviable even as equal as whatever I could have achieved with the First Class. I will go really far,” he stressed.


Ajeezay recently released a new song ‘Saw Me’, a banger in which he features music artist Nii Funny.

De NonfaKing who revealed he is doing music to promote his comedy said he had a revelation about the ‘Saw Me’.


“I dreamt about it and told my mother I want to sing this song and share on social media to see what my fans will say…I posted on my Instagram and they were wowed and said it’s nice so I should record it. I had this song in June 2019 and I did it this year June,” he disclosed.


The stand-up comedian cum musician commended Nii Funny for supporting his career by featuring in ‘Saw Me’ without charging a dime.

The creative comedian is set to release an EP christened ‘Evolution’ to detail his comedy journey, the battles he had to fight to achieve his goals and his transformation which includes spicing up his career with music.

Comic rapper AY Poyoo features in the first song on the Evolution EP, according to Ajeezay.

“The EP is based on the concept of metamorphosis. I feel I’ve come a long way… In the Evolution EP, I’m looking at making songs with my industry friends. The first record on the Evolution EP is the APP. I did it with AY Poyoo,” he explain

Source: Ghanaweb


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