Afia Schwar Threatens To Expose Dag Heward Mills Over His Comments About Otumfuo (Video)

Just a few days ago, an audio recording of famous Ghanaian preacher and founder of Lighthouse Chapel International, Dag Heward Mills, was released online, in which he was heard lambasting Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Most Ghanaians were taken aback, and a segment of Ghanaians, particularly Kumericans, came out to warn the renowned man of God.

Following this, Dag Heward Mills himself came out to clarify the situation by apologizing to Otumfuo.

In his apologetic letter, the respected man of God stated that he made such remarks decades ago and had no idea they would be misconstrued as such.

Following this, Ghanaian comedian, Afia Schwar has launched a stinging assault on Dag Heward Mills.

The pastor’s remarks against Otumfuo, according to Afia Schwar, have caused her to lose respect for him.

Later, Afia Schwar threatened to expose Dag Heward Mills.

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