Zari Hassan Unveils Yet Another Boyfriend Who Is Younger Than Her

Zari Hassan is dating another younger man after breaking up with GK Choppa. The 41-year-old socialite was first seen with her new catch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

She flew to Tanzania a week ago for a charity event. The mother of five, who is Softcare brand Ambassador, was in Mwanza to donate free sanitary towels to school-going girls in the region.


Zari parties in Dar

Zari headed back to Dar es Salaam to have fun after the charity event in Mwanza. She raised eyebrows when she was seen dancing erotically with a younger man at a beach.

The South Africa-based Ugandan socialite was among hundreds of revellers who thronged Kidimbwi beach in Dar es Salaam to attend a gig headlined by Bongo singer Juma Jux.


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Jux, who had just released a new jam ‘Simuachi’ in which he featured Huddah Monroe as the main video vixen, held a concert at Kidimbwi beach to promote his new song.

Zari attended Jux’s concert in the company of the younger man she is dating. The two lovebirds packed on the PDA while partying at the Dar beach.


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The quadragenarian was also seen sitting on the young man’s lap while partying at Kidimbwi beach. She particularly caught the attention of curious vloggers when she erotically started grinding on her man as they danced the night away.

Many people thought the lad was just a random reveller Zari had picked to dance with at the party. However, the mother of five has since revealed that he is her boyfriend.

Zari and her new man were seen serving couple’s goals in a video she recently shared on social media. She was seen leaning on her man while holding his arm lovingly as they enjoyed a ride in a car.

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