Gloria Sarfo Hates Me Bitterly – Yvonne Nelson Says In Latest Twitter Rant

Beefing in the entertainment industry is something that has been in existence since time immemorial.

Whiles others are of the view that unnecessary scuffles in the entertainment industry does not augur well for the overall good of the industry, others also believe it lightens the industry up.

In a recent development, Movie Producer and Actress, Yvonne Nelson, expressed her disappointment at her fellow entertainers for refusing to push her work.

In a tweet, she wrote,

“Ghanaian Entertainment industry = you’d have to actually tell people in the industry to push your work… they see it and ignore! I’m thankful the fans believe in me! After all I do this for the fans.”

These comments passed by Yvonne seems not to have gone well with fellow Ghanaian Actress, Gloria Sarfo who voiced out that Yvonne herself does not support other actors too.

This seems to have infuriated Yvonne Nelson as she also replied back.

Read her tweets below

Gloria safo, i just sent you a DM, you say most of you had this impression about me, which of you people supported me during my BAN in 2010, ahaaa…your hate didnt start today. I even promote producers who owe me money….

— ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? (@yvonnenelsongh) August 5, 2020.

You can take your time and go through my twitter/facebook, i know y’all cant stand me. Ive known since i started acting charley. I hear all the stuff said behind my back, y’all see me and smile with me. I know you all.

— ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? (@yvonnenelsongh) August 5, 2020

i have introduced over 50 new faces through my productions.After premieres, events i delete various posts, alot of celebs do that. And just note, IG isnt the only social media platform. Im more active on twitter i promote people i dont even know.

— ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? (@yvonnenelsongh) August 5, 2020


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