Yvette Obura Says It Took Her Four Years To Heal After Her Breakup With Bahati

Singer Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is opening up on her healing journey since breaking up with the artiste.

Yvette says it took her four years to move on and eventually get over her grudge with her baby daddy Bahati and Diana Marua.

Speaking on Diana Marua’s Youtube channel, she says the healing process was rough since their daughter Mueni was a year old and she was still battling postpartum depression.

Yvette Obura And Diana

According to the two, they say their fans needed the interview in order to relate to their story and to learn about co-parenting.

“No sideshows but for co-parenting purposes” Yvette put a disclaimer.

After the breakup, Yvette says Bahati quickly moved on and she only found out about Diana Marua through social media when he introduced her as his ‘prayer partner’.

“The first time I learnt about you was on social media when you posted about prayer partners. I was like, wooh! At that time, I was not on talking terms with Bahati although he was in the picture from when Mueni was born and along the way we had our issues and we broke up,” Yvette said.

“I am just from a breakup, I wondered how fast he met a girl to date,” she said adding that she started stalking Diana on Social media trying to find out who she was.”

Mama Mueni noted that she hoped Bahati would take his time and allow her to heal before moving on which was not the case.

“In as much as we had broken up, there was still that part of me I was like, how comes, why did this happen, why didn’t he give me time. We were young and naive but we had our plans. I was depressed and had so much to handle,” she added.

Diana acknowledged that Bahati was open with her and told her about his baby mama and their daughter before beginning their relationship.

“I met my husband shortly after Mama Mueni had separated from him. We have never had a conversation as it was hard and difficult,” Diana said.

According to Yvette, the pain of suffering a heartbreak while still finding her way around motherhood was hard but she says she could no longer hold onto someone she did not love anymore.

“I let it go but it took time, three to four years to get over everything and to forgive both of you,” she said.

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