Why Nameless Is Petitioning Nairobi County To Name Road In Honour Of E-sir

Rapper David Mathenge, better known by his stage name Nameless, is calling for a road in Nairobi’s South C to be renamed after fallen rapper Issah “E-sir” Mmari.

Nameless in his petition says E-Sir was regarded as one of the finest rappers to emerge in the Kenyan music scene and should be regarded as a national icon.

“In honour of this iconic Kenyan artist who was not only a great talent and friend to many but a pioneer in his genre of music we are calling on the Nairobi County Council (NCC) and The Office of the Ombudsman to name a road, drive or street in South C in ‘E-Sir’s” name as a way of celebrating artistic talent and in honor of his memory,” Nameless said in his petition.

Nameless And E Sir

E-sir died aged just 19 in a road accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on his way back to Nairobi from a concert on the 16th of March 2003.

Nameless said the naming of the road would go a long way in celebrating arts and culture in Kenya, adding that the late ‘Boomba Train’ hitmaker possessed great values that many youth can emulate.

“E-sir’s legacy continues to inspire generations after his passing with his talent, hard work, passion and humility. The naming of a road after him will celebrate these great values and recognize the importance of the arts in our culture,” Nameless stated.

Upon his demise, E-Sir had released major hits among them Boomba Train which he featured Nameless, Kamata, Saree, Hamunitishia and Mos Mos featuring Brenda.

The petition is expected to land on the governor’s desk as well as the Nairobi County Assembly and the Transports and Roads county executive (CEC)who will decide whether the petition will sail through.

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