Wajackoyah To Hold National Fundraiser In His First 100 Days To Reduce Country Debt

Roots Party presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah has dismissed what he terms as unrealistic promises by his competitors should they win the top seat in the upcoming August polls.

According to Prof. Wajackoyah, Kenya is in a sorry economic state and politicians who are making grand promises about what they will achieve in the first-100-days window if elected are just lying to woo voters.

“This physiology of the first 100 days is all concocted in lies, and I am not going to talk about other parties because they have all told lies… I will be inheriting a debt and therefore we shall be looking at how to come out of this nonsense. We are in trouble,” said Wajackoyah in a Wednesday interview with NTV.

George Wajackoya

If anything, the Roots Party leader said, he might resort to holding a national fundraiser to set off some of the country’s debt as his controversial plan to grow marijuana for export materialises.

“I might call on citizens to contribute before marijuana grows up to six months because that is the time it takes to mature. When Singapore was bankrupt, everyone gave whatever they had, even gold,” he said.

He, however, renewed his pledge to introduce a death penalty to weed out corruption, saying that once Kenyans witness how his administration will handle corrupt leaders, there shall be no more theft of public resources.

“Once I introduce a death penalty, and I am not joking about this, we will have a hemp rope for those found guilty. The good thing is that we shall have reprieve by allowing them to choose the method of death,” said Prof. Wajackoyah.

‘If we don’t do away with these people, we are done! Look at KEMSA, it is the same people who are looking for elective seats right now. If you hang about 10 of them, there will be no theft.”

He also promised to release petty offenders who he thinks have congested prisons. According to him, the money used to fund prisons could be put into other uses.

“What I can commit to during my first 100 days is releasing inmates who have been locked up for petty crimes, including marijuana dealings… there is no need to fill up prisons because they also run on State money.”

On top of legalising the cultivation of marijuana, Prof. Wajackoyah has also previously said his government will introduce snake farming and export of dog meat to China and other countries to increase the country’s income.

Although his bid has been enjoying increased popularity among younger voters nationwide, some church leaders have lately been warning their faithful to be wary of Prof. Wajackoyah’s ideals, labelling them immoral and unethical.

He has, however, maintained that he is prepared to counter perceived resistance that his unique proposals would evoke among some of the country’s residents.

The professor will face Deputy President William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance, Raila Odinga of Azimio La Umoja, and Agano Party’s David Mwaure Waihiga in the August 9 contest.

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