Vera Sidika Shocks Kenyans As She Flaunts New Body After Surgery

Retired Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has shocked Kenyans after revealing that she underwent surgery to lose weight.

In an update, Sidika alleged that has move was engineered buired shape.

“THE REBIRTH …This has been the hardest phase in my life, Due to health risks, I had to undergo surgery. It’s still very unbelievable but I’ve come to terms with it & learned to love myself regardless,” she said.

Vera Sidika

She used the opportunity to advise her fans and followers to always love themselves regardless.

“Ladies; pls learn to love yourself & don’t ever let peer pressure rush u into things that will ruin you in the future. I’m lucky to be alive, God loves me so much.🥺🙏 Honestly It’s been pretty hard, I didn’t even celebrate my birthday this year, but here we are. Happy birthday to me.

She also thanked her husband Brown Mauzo for being the biggest support system in her weight loss journey.

“New me. I’ve come to appreciate life & never take things for granted. Thanks to my family, especially my husband for being there for me 🙏 “To my fans: I am still the same sweetest Vera Sidika and that hasn’t changed.


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“I appreciate y’all love & support & pray you will walk through this journey with me. I will be posting my surgery journey videos here, for those who have been thinking of getting booty surgery or changing anything on their bodies this might change your mind. Peace & Love,’ Vera shared.

A section of netizens accused Vera of photoshopping the image in question.

Reactions from Netizens;


Daaa vee… Your health comes first and if this makes you healthy then why not. I still love you hun❤️❤️❤️nothing changes.


Then why do you keep on misleading the girls to get the BBl uplifts😂😂?’


Ata ile siku ulijibadilisha ukakua mweusi… Hatushtuki ata sahi umerudisha matako ikue ndogo😂😂..unafikiria hatukujui waingo


Nyash imeenda wapi 🤔

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