Unatuomba Sana! Jalang’o Blasted For Asking For Campaign Help

Comedian Jalang’o has angered some Kenyans after he asked them to help him print T-Shirts for his campaigns.

In a since-deleted post, Jalas shared that whoever wants to support him, may contribute Sh 250 to his till number. This will be used in helping Jalang’o purchase campaign t-shirts.

Jalas who is vying for the Lang’ata MP seat said that some fans had DM’d him asking how they would support him.

“Hey, thanks to everyone in my DM asking and willing to support my campaigns. Just print for me one T-shirt. One is 250 bob only. “


This did not go well as most of his fans went HAM on him.

Most of them were angry with the comedian saying he should be helping them not the other way round.


“Lakini Mkubwa, you are supposed to be giving us something. How are we sending you money?

Cheruiyot. Boniface:

“Sasa Mheshimiwa, how are we giving you yet you are the one supposed to give us?

In a past interview with Word Is, Jalas said he was aware that politics wasn’t a joke; it’s risky and dirty.

Asked if people ask for money from him, he said campaigns are expensive.

“Coz every meeting you go and speak to people and tell them what you can do for them, people are hungry out here. The first thing will be, ‘Mhesh, unatuacha aje? Give us something,'” he said.

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