Trouble In Paradise? Anerlisa’s New Post Hints At Relationship Issues

Anerlisa Muigai is one of the few celebrities who wears her heart on her sleeve as far as her relationships go.

In a post she made this past weekend, the Keroche Breweries CEO has hinted that things might not be in the best place as far as her current relationship goes.

Using her Instagram megaphone, the beautiful Nero Water CEO bemoaned,

“Stupidity is when you are busy saying ‘We’ and he is only saying ‘I’.”

Anerlisa Muigai

Previously in the day, she has also written,

“Don’t walk away from negative people, Run!”

While the statement might not refer to the a person she’s dating, it follows a theme this past weekend where Anerlisa is trying to call out bad behaviour and protect herself from it.

Anerlisa’s comments about relationships will come as no shock to people who have keenly followed her in the past.

In an interview she had with Mpasho in March this year the entrepreneur revealed that she had always thought everyone she dated was genuine.

“That made me not see the clear picture,” she said.

That might affect the way she approaches relationships in that she gives all of herself (150%) while the men might not be marching her efforts.

An example of this is that 5 months ago, the light-skin beauty complained about men who don’t spoil their women similar to the way their women also spoil them.

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