TikTok Star Kelvin Kinuthia Reveals Male Celebrities He’d Marry, Sleep With

Popular social media influencer, Kelvin Kinuthia has revealed his favourite Kenyan celebs during a game of smash, marry, or kill on his YouTube channel.

The influencer had earlier asked his fans to give him name suggestions in three’s and he’d then decide who he’d marry, smash or kill.

While playing the game, he kept reminding everyone that it was only a game and that no celebrity should be affected by the outcome.


Kinuthia made several strange choices during the game, like marrying Bahati, smashing Terence Creative (who he thought would make a wonderful mubaba), and killing Kabi Wajesus.


On another, Kinuthia revealed that he would marry Frankie Just Gym It.

“Aiii. kwa nini mnaweka combination. I’ll kill The Kinyua, Errr, smash Nairobi West Niccurh and marry Frankie Just Gym It. And please guys, remember that this is just a game,” Kinuthia said in one of the combos.

This game comes after Kelvin had confessed his love for David Moya, another TikTok celebrity.

Despite the fact that the prominent dancer declined his attempts, it appears that Kinuthia is striving to find love from a celebrity; perhaps he does not want to date average people.

He recently turned to Instagram after David’s rejection to reveal that he is “wary” of being alone, claiming that he is unmarried and actively seeking a partner.

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