‘The Entertainment Industry Is Dead!’ Eric Omondi Reignites Debate On Kenyan Showbiz

Eric Omondi, the self-proclaimed President of Comedy in Africa, has attempted to spark another debate on the validity of the Kenyan entertainment industry claiming, yet again, that it is dead.

Omondi, who says he is on a little hiatus, has claimed that the industry is silent because of his absence from the game.

According to the comedian, there is not a semblance of entertainment going around the country right now – including music.

Eric Omondi

He took to his Instagram stories on Friday to write:

“The entire entertainment industry is dead silent!!! There is absolutely nothing going on, no music, no entertainment, nothing!!! All this because the president is on a break just to prove this point. I carry the entertainment industry on my back and that’s on periodt!!!

Omondi also shared screenshots of a conversation with DJ Xclusive who seemingly did not agree with him and urged him to come correct.

DJ Xclusive sought to inform the comedian that while he may not be seeing everything, a lot of Kenyan artistes are actually working hard at their craft and dropping hits and signing major endorsement deals.

He went on to list a few names he feels are flying high currently, such as: Wakadinali, Buruklyn Boyz, Sol Generation, Otile Brown, Mejja, Brandy Maina, Maandy, Mbithi, Femi One among others.

“…you are not getting my point. You are just naming artists…The last Kenyan hits are Mbwe mbwe and that Subaru ya mambaru by Wakadinali and those were released last year…The industry is dead and asleep, as in there is no wave of any kind in terms of showbiz or hits. It’s redundant and flat. Ngoja nirudi September ndio utanielewa,” Omondi responded.

DJ Xclusive shot back saying:

“Clearly hujui mziki saa hizi zinahit…wewe kuja September ufanye mambo yako…industry ikisonga…people are doing campus tours, signing endorsement and giving us hits but wewe huoni…”

Omondi recently said that he would be taking a two-month break to revitalize, re-energize, and rejuvenate.

He explained that the break was intended to plan the future of the East African entertainment sector.

“If you’ve noticed since November 17th of 2020 the president has been on it day and night for almost two years. “Eric Omondi is, has been, and will always be the center of Kenyan entertainment. For the next two months of my break expect the silence of a library in the industry,” he wrote then.

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