Stevo Simple Boy Disses Eric Omondi In New Track

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has released a new track ‘ Haya basi ‘ where he narrates how things went down and his failed performance in Mombasa.

In the song, Stevo throws shade at Eric Omondi for suggesting that he should fire his management MIB.

” Naskia walisema nifute manager kumbe hao ndio mateja wanajifanya huku nyuma wananipenda na kumbe hao hao ndio wananisema.”

Stevo Simple Boy narrates how Eric Omondi told him to perform at Sofire fiesta with a promise of getting paid, which never happened.

Steve Simple Boy

” Ati Simple kuja show nitakulips baada ya show nakula matumbo, wakaleta zogo.”

The musician claimed that Eric Omondi used the whole scenario to chase clout .

” Naskia kiki, naskia simple kwenye basi, haya basi, napigwa picha Hadi nikikunywa Maji, naskia vitu mingi Yule Rais ni wa nini?”

In December, Stivo Simple Boy revealed he failed to perform in Mombasa after he was mistreated by event organizers. He added that the Sofire organizers refused to pay him before his performance.

Eric Omondi had called out the management blaming them for the misfortunes that befell the musician. Eric had claimed that the managers were reckless for taking Stevo to Mombasa and suggested that they should resign.r

In a recorded phone call shared by the management, Eric was heard convincing Stevo Simple Boy to show up at the venue even though he hadn’t received any payment.

The song is on YouTube.

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