Split-Up Looming? Eyebrows Raised As Sandra Dacha Ignores Akuku Danger’s Birthday Message

Award-winning Kenya actress, digital influencer, and MC, Sandra Dacha, just turned a year older.

To celebrate her, her significant other, comedian Akuku Danger posted a photo of the two of them looking super cute in almost matching outfits with a smiling Sandra.

The comedian captioned the photo,

“Officially she’s 32! Help me wish @sanda_dacha a happy birthday. Mnaona nimbuyie nini?” (What do you guys think I should get her?)

Akuku Danger And Sandra Dacha
Akuku Danger And Sandra Dacha

Something interesting to note about the message is that at the time of posting this article, she still hadn’t commented on Akuku’s post nor reposted it. This is odd considering that the actress had reposted her friends and family on her stories.

Kenyans at large also felt that because Sandra was a nice decent human being, then Akuku is forever indebted to her or should do something grand to repay her.

The message also seemed so plain to some Kenyans who have never forgotten how the female MC and actress stood by and supported the comedian when he was hospitalised and as he recuperated.

Others speculated that the relationship was not real while a number asked the couple to either get married or to finally get a kid now.

Below are a few of the comments:


But some men!!! Yaani you can’t say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE? You’re making it look like she’s just a friend, woiyee.


ni kama wanakuanga tu mabeshte by the way (It is like they’re usually just friends when you think of it.)


A ring on her finger


@itsakukudanger she deserves a Jeep Wrangler @sandradacha happy birthday queen


happy birthday… mpatie zawadi ya mtoto (gift her a baby)

wangui_karanja: Shamba iko sawa na yeye, happy birthday @sandradacha


marry her


Buy her a house for the sacrifice she has made for you in your challenges. Remember well.

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