‘She’d Introduced Her New Man As Her Friend When We Were Dating’ – Amberay’s Ex-lover Kabba Says

It is safe to say that Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend Kabba hasn’t moved on after his latest post.

A day after she posted a photo of her new man, Kabba insinuated that Amberay had introduced him as her friend earlier while they were still dating. Kabba further claimed that Amberay was probably cheating on him.

Taking it to Instagram, he wrote:

”It’s so funny because after introducing a man to me that this man is my friend we even chew together all of the sudden he is your boyfriend. It means you guys were effing beyond when we were still dating it’s so crazy fear women.”

Amber Ray

Heartbroken Kenyans sometimes use the phrase “kuoga na kurudi soko” to start a new relationship after a failed one. Because of her shenanigans in switching between men, flamboyant socialite Amber Ray is one celebrity commonly linked with this word.

Amber Ray is carefree and is not ashamed of introducing her new lovers to the public.

The former partner, Kabba, and Amberay’s relationship lasted a little over six months.

What would you do, if you found out your ex had started dating one of her close friends when you were still in the relationship, would you undoubtedly suspect that they were seeing each other secretly? This is precisely the situation with Kabba, Amber, and her new partner, Kennedy Rapudo.

When Kennedy and the mother of one started dating, they kept their relationship low-key until now when she posted their photos online.

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