“She Needs To Apologize” Betty Kyallo Blames Younger Sister For Nick Ndeda Poor Actions On New Year’s Eve

The Kyallo Kulture will for sure help us understand Betty Kyallo and her sisters for the first time. I know they’ve been these ‘cool kamba ladies’ always making news but that’s courtesy of Betty’s career in the media industry.

Speaking recently with Amina Abdi, Mercy Kyallo who landed on the limelight 8 years ago says she was never consulted on whether she wanted that public attention; but since her sister had already outed her and even shared her social media handles – she had no option but to go with the flow.

However if things would have been done different – then I guess Mwrvy would have preferred staying low key. Betty on the other hand had no option since she worked as a journalist and thanks to her bubbly character – she became a favorite to many.

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Anyway after learning that Nick Ndeda walked out on Betty Kyallo on New Year’s Eve – we can now understand why they called their relationship quits, a few months after going public.

Turns out that Nick Ndeda is the type that doesn’t put up with drama or scandals which explains why he ditched Betty Kyallo despite being her source of joy. From what Mercy Kyallo says is that after this – a word fight broke between her and Betty Kyallo forcing her to take a sibling break from her big sister.

According Mercy, she still doesn’t understand why Betty took out her anger on her…. I mean they’re all adults and are allowed to do what they want – and as revealed Mervy Kyallo actually didn’t want to attend the New Years event.

However Betty Kyallo on the other hand feels like her small sister didn’t stick by her like other siblings look out for their own. Yes, Nick Ndeda leaving must have hurt – which maybe be the reason why she picked on Mercy – which is a mean move.

But according to Betty, she still feels like her sister should apologize;

When I was left by Nick and the other girls, she also left with her boyfriend. whatever she did really hurt me, she has some apologizing to do, like real apologizing

Small sister Gloria Kyallo however prefers watching these two from the sidelines since she feels that her sisters fights are usually on steroids.

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