Rick Ross To Climb Mt Kilimanjaro In 2024

During an interview, Ross revealed that a trip to Tanzania is on his bucket list and it is not about introducing himself to girlfriend Hamisa Mobetto’s family.

The 46-year-old said that for the remainder of 2022 he is preparing his mind for the challenge and in 2023 he will get his body in shape.

“For the rest of this year I’m getting ready, prepared mentally. Next year I get prepared physically. I really believe when I put my heart to something, I can do anything. It’s not really that big, I just have to get it done. And what you have to realize, if you notice I said 2024,” Ross stated.

rick ross

He however made a joke about needing company on the climb in case it proves to be harder than his confidence and body can take.

While commenting on his physical health, he revealed that he cut down almost 60 Kilograms after weighing himself at 150 kilograms in 2014. In the 90’s he worked with a correctional facility as a law enforcement officer but did not make it far due to the intense training involved in rising through the ranks.

“I didn’t really get to make it to the prison, because you [have to] go through training and all that and I didn’t last long. I lasted four months before they said I was a little tardy,” Ross joked.

The training was a little more than a blow to his body, his failure turned into hate for the job and eventually leading him to quit.

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