Rayvanny Confesses He Wanted To Fight Diamond Over Zuchu

Bongo singer Rayvanny has publicly confessed that he was eying Zuchu but his former boss Diamond Platnumz won her heart.

The ‘I Miss You’ hitmaker opened up about her crush on Zuchu while performing at Fiesta 2022 festival held in Sumbawanga, Tanzania on Saturday night September 17.

During the concert, the former wasafi artist performed several of his songs and others which he collaborated with other musicians.

Zuchu And Rayvanny

While performing his song ‘Naogopa’, Rayvanny added several lines that sounded like a confessional message. The Next Level Music records boss admitted that he wanted to fight his former boss Diamond so that he could win over Zuchu.

Vanny Boy also revealed that he wanted to hit on Bongo songbird Nandy but Billnass had already proposed to her.

“Mapenzi yanatesa jamani, nilitamani nienda kwa Nandy ila Billnass ashapiga ndoa… Nilitamani nigombane na Simba niende kwa Zuchu (“Love makes me confused. I wanted to hit on Nandy but she was already engaged to Billnass. I wanted to fight with Simba to get Zuchu),” Rayvanny sang.

The Bongo singer also addressed his dramatic breakup with Kajala’s daughter Paula during his shocking confession.

“Mapenzi yasikuchanganye nakwambia, usije ukapata bila kama Dulla. Mapenzi usije kufananisha, kama vile chakula. Nilinyosha moyo Karula, nikaachana na Paula. (Love shouldn’t confuse you, I’m telling you, don’t end up like Dulla. Love shouldn’t compare, just like food. I gave up on Karula, I broke up with Paula,” he sang.

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