Pastor Ng’ang’a, Women Are Hitting On Me Despite My Age

Controversial preacher James Ng’ang’a has stated that women are sliding in his DMs despite the fact that he is old and married.

The 69 year old pastor said the reason these women are interested in him is because he is famous and they are after money.

“I get women sending me messages, they do not care about age. All they want is the money, they flirt with me, saying how smart and handsome I am. As a public figure, you will always get hit on.”

Pastor James Nganga

The preacher added that current marriages don’t last because they are driven by financial abilities and not love for each other.

“Women get married to someone because of their financial stability and when the money is no longer there, they break up since it was not genuine love.”

He advised couples to work on their marriages and avoid communicating with those who had interests on them before as this will only break their marriages.

In a previous interview, the pastor revealed he has countless children from multiple women he dated before he got saved. He is currently married to Mercy Murugi after losing his first wife years ago.

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