“Panties are for people with smelly V’s” says Huddah

Do you wear panties or does your woman wear panties? Well if they do…(don’t about me) I’d like to know whether their vaginas smell some type of way because Huddah says panties are for women with not so pleasant private parts.

The socialite who is known for her businesses not forgetting wild ways recently revealed that she does not wear panties nor does own a pair. Yes, even when on her periods the socialite implies she walks around with nothing but free private parts – because she wants her genitals to catch some air. Maybe also, feel cleaner with less stuffy down.

On the detailed post, Huddah wrote;

I don’t wear underwear. I own none. My friends, my boyfriend everyone wonders why. But it’s this p*ssy part. It’s too fresh to stay wrapped up. Panties are for people with smelly privates. I think you need it to trap that odour

Huddah Monroe

As if this is enough,the socialite went on to reveal wearing panties gives her infections, leaving many wondering whether she wears them while still wet…lol…I know sounds nasty right? But I mean wet in that…. baridi.

Well that’s her theory but I thought panties…not necessarily the ‘mothers union type’ are for sanitary purposes.

I mean, panties are garments that help prevent body discharges on your clothing and or running down your legs….women you know about this – but then again – wearing or not wearing them is a a personal choice.

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