Omosh: I Am Not Depressed, Just Sad

Former Tahidi high actor Joseph Kinuthia, popularly known as Omosh has disputed allegations that he is depressed.

Omosh addressed the rumours via a video on YouTube, stating that he is sad and not depressed as people claim.

“There is a difference between sadness and depression. I have been sad for the last couple of weeks. Reason being, I lost my best friend and neighbour. After I attended his burial, I returned to find again my other best friend and neighbour also passed on in a road accident,” he said.

“It was a double tragedy that made me sad just like any other person…’s not depression.”


The actor further clarified that his home is intact and family safe, contrary to reports that his family left because of his challenges.

“You guys have gone to an extent of saying that my family left me. I am daring you to go home, if you fail to find my family come tell me. I know they are at home and doing fine,” he said.

Omosh states that bloggers use his name to create content without consulting him because they are not concerned about his well-being. Rather, they create fake stories that tarnishes his name.

“If you want to know the real story, go to the ground and look for me. Interview me so that I tell you how I am feeling or if I am depressed so that at least people will know from there that Kizangila Mwenyewe said he is depressed, lost his family, wife, etc,” Omosh said.

The former Tahidi High actor also says he uses his life and experiences as an example to inspire young people in schools to take the correct path in life.

“I have been on the ground visiting schools motivating and inspiring kids about so many things and issues out here. I would like to share with them real life challenges that I have experienced so that when out of school they will know life is not easy.”

“I am trying to help because I have slid not once or twice and I wouldn’t like your relatives or close friends to experience the same. Let them hear from the horse’s mouth.”

He challenges those propagating unverified stories to put themselves in his shoes and picture the pain they might feel if the same would happen to them.

“You don’t know the scars you give my family and friends when they hear the false stories about me that you post.”

Omosh promises his fans that he will return to acting and enjoy his entertainment.

“I am coming back to the screen and you guys are going to watch me.”

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