Mungai Eve Forced To Reply To Fan Claiming She Sucks Up To Celebrities

Internet sensation Mungai Eve shut down some of her fans who claim she ‘sucks up’ to celebrities.

Setting her record straight, the YouTuber said she is well paid to cover celebrities and events around prominent people but not in the most humble way.

Just like most internet-famous including Vera Sidika she tagged ‘bedsitters’ in her response to this comment;

“But it’s true unapenda kujipendekeza kwa macelebs it’s not all about being jealous,” a fan alluded.

Mungai Eve

“Women hating on other women it is so sad. Hey dear take your saltiness elsewhere we are paid well to cover events we are here to secure the bag! Wewe endelea kuona kijipendekeza ukiteseka kwa bedsitter yako. (Continue assuming I’m sucking up to these celebrities as you suffer in your bedsitter)” Mungai responded.

The fan was responding to her new photo with Zari Hassan who is currently in Kenya.

You can’t pull this bedsitter convo around most netizens without creating ‘warfare’ and Mungai’s clap back was not lightly taken with most saying, at some point, people will have to let the ‘bedsitters’ clap back go.

Most were quick to say ‘haters’ don’t always reside in a bedsitter as these celebrities persist.

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