More Celebrities Bash Counsellor Lutterodt Over Unsavoury Rape Comments

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More and more celebrities continue to scold the self-styled counsellor for a recent unsavoury comment he passed concerning rape victims.

Mr Lutterodt is on record for saying “rape victims enjoy the act” and goes on to defend his comment by saying it is based on the number of rape victims he has spoken to within the course of his duty as a Counsellor.

Ama K. Abebrese who did not find this comment queried the controversial man.

Well, Lutterodt, tell me how much a 6-year-girl enjoys the act of being raped? Or how a 9 years boy enjoys being sexually assaulted? Or how a 21-year-old enjoys being held down against her will and raped by a group of guys? Or how a 70-year-old woman enjoys being raped?”

Social media star, Efia Odo and ace journalist and Managing Director of GhOne TV, Nana Aba Anamoah have also rebuked Mr Lutterodt for this same comment.

Efia Odo in a tweet sspoke her mind to the counsellor:

Counselor Lutterodt is a [f-word] idiot. How can you say every rape victim enjoys the act. A 4 year old boy being raped enjoys the act? Or a girl being drugged and raped enjoys it? You’re a poor excuse of a human being.

Nana Aba Anamoah disclosed that she has ordered her producers not to feature Mr Lutterodt on any of their shows on GhOne TV.

There’s a reason I have banned any producer from featuring him on any show on @GHOneTV .This crass and baloney will not happen under my watch. It has gone on for so long. Shame on radio and tv stations who continue to feature him for ‘ratings’. Senseless ratings.

Movie producer, Leila Djansi has also called out Mr Lutterodt with strong words.

I’m supporting my sister/friend Ama K Abebrese and others in Ghana, to take this idiotic pervert off the airwaves. I have heard some of his commentaries and he is a disgusting piece of work. BUT, he is not the problem. The real problem is the Ghanaian media and the consumers who have a dark obsession for pervasive material.

“Anything that has to do with sex is met with a glee even curious high schoolers cannot muster. Make a film and cut in vivid sex scenes or corny sexual anecdotes and hey, you’re winning! He’s not the only person who has to change. The entire society needs an orientation on sex and rape. Media, stop giving him a platform. But first, please sign this petition to ban this fool who is not ashamed to say rape victims “enjoy it”. IMO, maybe someone should turn him over and rape him. He needs to walk a mile in our shoes,” Leila Djansi wrote on Facebook.

At the time of this publication, over 10,000 individuals have signed an online petition to get Mr Lutterodt off Ghanaian TV and radio stations.

Will this work?


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