Meet Simon Kabu’s Beautiful 24 year Old Daughter (Photo)

The older you get, the more you learn that even your favorite celebrities also go through the same hardships you face in life.

For instance – the Kabu family! I mean whoever thought they could be having marital issues when all they parade is glitz and glam on their pages?

But hey, it’s life and sh!t happens – like literally, to everyone but it all depends with your approach to the situation.

The Kabus

Anyway with the Kabu’s marital issue slowly fading off from social media, we can’t forget to address the alleged 24 year old daughter Mr Simon Kabu apparently has.

Yes, he already confirmed about having a love child from his past and like some dads in his shoes; he opted to keep this part of his life private from fans – for reasons best known to himself.

However thanks to post shared about a week ago, I believe the Bonfire CEO introduced his 3 kids but most of his fans didnt realize this.

Probably because he captioned the photo Jambo Jamboo #theKabus cubs which would obviously leave a person thinking he was talking of the two younger kids – hence overshadowing his eldest daughter despite her standing right next to him.

However after zooming in to the photo shared above – it’s only safe to say that Kabu’s eldest daughter is a female version of her daddy.

She clearly took after her dad in terms of facial features that is the forehead, the smile and also wears glasses. Anyway below is the close up – you be the judge!

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