M.anifest Reveals That Stonebwoy Didn’t Like It When He Did A Song With Kelvynboy

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Rapper M.anifest has admitted Stonebwoy was not happy when Kelvynboy recruited him for the hit song ‘Yawa No Dey.’

The “We No Dey Hear” rapper told former Starr FM employee, Kofi Okyere Darko in a conversation on Instagram Live that he was certain Stonebwoy was not happy about the collaboration.

According to M.anifest Stonebwoy expressed it in a press conference.

“We’re cool… I don’t think he liked it that I did a dong with Kelvynboy… he expressed it in some press conference and I saw it,” M.anifest responded to KOD’s question, “are you cool with Stonebwoy.”

M.anifest was quick to add that Kelvynboy and his former boss should sort out their differences.

At the peak of the internal confusion in the BHiM camp, Kelvynboy who got ousted dropped the song right after his exit. The lyrical content in the song ‘Yawa No Dey’ was touted as a sneak diss to Stonebwoy.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview



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