KRG Begs Ladies To Stop Pleasuring Themselves With His Photos

KRG the Don is an unrepentant clout-chaser. The man seems to have taken over where Willy Paul left off after the crooner’s scandal with Diana Marua.

The rapper who has ‘numerous’ hits to his name is back at it again with his latest post on Instagram. In the post, the father of two begged his female fans to stop using his images to pleasure themselves.

His reason? Ati, he’s fasting!

KRG The Don

“To all the ladies dat have a crush on Bughaa. Please this month is different don’t use my photos or even imagine me mkinyonga coz I’m fasting…”


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He then added that he didn’t want to feel tired as a result of the ladies using him to pleasure themselves.

“I don’t want to feel tired in the morning…Please.”

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