Khaligraph Jones Has Zero Intentions of Visiting His ‘Shags’, Here’s Why

Veteran rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed that he has absolutely zero intentions of ever visiting his rural home in Bondo.

According to him, he has only visited his ancestral land once in his life since fame and it was only because he had to.

Speaking on an interview with Jalang’o on Wednesday June 17, the OG revealed that the only time he went to Bondo was when he was attending his late father’s burial ceremony.

“That was the time my dad had passed away and we had to.” He said.

When Jalas sought to understand why he thinks he may never return to his fatherland, he said that it was as a result of a poor relationship he has with his kinsmen.

‘We don’t have a relationship, its a bad thing and I would not want that to happen to my kids,” he added.

A photo of Papa Jones during his infamous visit to Bondo has for some time been making rounds on social media. He was captured riding a ‘black mamba‘ bicycle.

Throwback photo of Khaligraph Jones riding a bicycle, PHOTO COURTESY

In matters family, the OG says he looks up to families like those of fellow artist Nameless.

Jalang’o urged him to try and make amends with his relatives, a matter in which he responded by saying he will do his best.

In the same interview, he addressed the curiosity that he recently changed homes.

Well, the Omollo says he is yet to purchase a home. He only rented one and moved out of his apartment which he finds to be spacious and fit to raise his family.

He says he is in the process of building his own mansion.


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