Kenyan Socialite Pesh Released After Serving Prison Term In Ghana

Peninah Lema Munyithya popularly known as Pesh, the Kenyan socialite who was arrested and imprisoned in Ghana for drug trafficking has finally been released.

Pesh was arrested in 2015 at the height of her fame on social media which was catalyzed by her birthday suit photos which went viral on social media.

She left the country for what she shared was a “holiday” from where she would not return until almost 10 years later.

Socialite Pesh

At the time, she was a student at MKU pursuing a degree in Project Management, living a lavish lifestyle and travelling around the world on expensive holidays.

According to Lydiah Wairimu who claimed to have schooled with Pesh, the socialite’s love for good life and her fame attracted a Nigerian drug dealer who exploited her naivety and landed her in prison after using her to traffic drugs.

“Wuuuii I do feel pain for Pesh. She was my campo student mate at MKU back in 2014 she was doing a degree in project management. Peers pushed her to bad company. She had the figure naturally. So akaanza socialiting. Her first trip was Dubai. Kwa zile harakati she met a Naija who showed her good life here and money. Little did she know the Nigerian is a drug dealer,” Lydiah recounted.

Wairimu recounted that the drug lord took Pesh to Ghana from where she was to ferry drugs to Seychelles, but things fell apart after the socialite was nabbed by authorities and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

“So the day Pesh was leaving Ghana the guy hired a taxi to take her to the airport kumbe zile manguo amepack tonnes en tonnes of drugs ndio hakutala kumpeleka airport.”

“Poor girl she didn’t know she was being used by the naija men to transport drugs. So innocently she arrived@ Ghana airport bag kaenda checking kawaida. ikapatikana drugs worth 30m ksh. She was not aware akafungiwa cell ya airport next day to court kuhonjiwa where she came from, who sent her their phone numbers everything was fake hawangepatikana.” Lydia added.

Pesh announced her presence on social media by updating her profile and sharing a video.

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