Kamene Goro Makes TV Comeback 5 Years After Exiting Ebru TV

Before Kamene Goro made it in the entertainment industry she had worked as a news anchor at Ebru TV, but after falling in love and wanting to settle down at 23 years – she quit her job for a man who later dumped her without notice.

Of course this was a big disappointment for the young lady who had just given up on her dreams just to be disappointed in the end; but good thing is that despite the betrayal she managed to pull herself back up hence landing at NRG radio.

However as you already know, Kamene Goro was later poached by Radio Africa – and I want to believe that this is because they saw her potential (in terms of creating traffic) especially since she can relate to the younger crowd which is their target audience.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Anyway – so after 5 years of not gracing our TV screens,media personality Kamene Goro will be making a comeback to our TV screen as the newest presenter on Radio Africa’s Kiss TV.

She revealed this in a post shared on her social media’s where she wrote;

Guess who’s back on TV @keepitkiss

Kamene Goro Makes Tv Comeback

Speaking about het come back now that she has a huge audience ready to support her TV show good vibes, Kamene said;

I haven’t been on TV for about 5 years and I trust that Radio Africa would be the one to bring me back. My show is called good vibes only and we be airing every Saturday night at 10:00pm and its just appreciating the best out of the pop culture. It’s about music, entertainment, celebrities… its having the conversation that inform their lives which re all about entertainment. We also ensure that we keep the good vibes going because that is all what Kiss TV is all about.

Kamene Goro Makes Tv Comeback

Among those who will be on Kiss TV is Kym Nickdee, Quellie Odero, Homeboyz radio presenter Charlie Karumi, his colleagues Lotan, Bill Mbote and Joe Saina.



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