Kamene Goro Advices Fans Not To Troll Celebrities Online- They Might Be The Ones Who Will Help You

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Social media trolls aimed at celebrities has been a common concern for quite a long time. It’s not peculiar to hear celebrities complain about being body shamed or being insulted by their own fans. Well, some of them are just seeking popularity through them.

This has become a conspicuous behavior on Instagram and Kamene Goro is strongly against it.

The curvy media personality rebuked this kind of behavior saying that the celebrities might be the ones helping you out; maybe with a job.
She said,

”Here’s the thing about trolling that’s very dangerous. It’s not even what you think. You don’t know when you need that person that you are trolling. The other day some young chick went and wrote some nasty comment on my page… She said, oh, no, I’m just trying to get your attention because I need some assistance with something here. And I asked her, your reasoning was that you insult me so that I can help you?

Kamene continued by advising people to stay low-key and be humble. It’s not necessary to troll people. She added,

”Long story short, that is not anyone I’m ever going to help. A lot of this people you troll, you never know. Might be the person you’re looking for a job from. Might be the person who can facilitate that loan for you. You never know….”

How many Kenyan celebs have you seen giving back to the community? hahaha lol!

Source: Ghafla

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