Kajala Unfollows Rayvanny After Reconciling With Harmonize

following the man who used to date her daughter in 2021 and part of 2022.

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows the history between Rayvanny and Harmonize.

Kajala And Rayvanny

The former stable-mates at Diamond’s WCB Records had a bad falling out last year after Rayvanny leaked his nudes.

Rayvanny even leaked Harmonize’s private chats with Paula Kajala, and told him to ask for forgiveness from the public for embarrassing himself by sending nudes to Paula.

He added that it’s shameful to want to date Kajala and her daughter at the same time (mother and daughter).

“The world has its wonders but I have never seen such a shocking person, my bro @harmonize_tz,” he wrote.

What you have in society is humiliate yourself. What kind of human being do you want to be trying to date a mother and a child! It’s a very strange spirit that you have, that is, every time I think of you I don’t get an answer, my brother,” he finished.

Frida then dumped Harmonize before promptly unfollowing him on social media, while also deleting all pictures of him from her timeline.

Rayvanny for his part, ‘reaped’ the rewards of being Paula’s knight in shining armour and ended up dating the teenager who was 18-year-old at the time.

But it seems that with Harmonize back in the fold, the older Kajala had to show her total allegiance to the man who has gone all out to get her back in his life.

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