Kabi Credits Wife For Financial Discipline, Says ‘Ningekuwa Natesa Kutesa’

Kenyan content creator Kabi wa Jesus has credited his financial discipline to his wife and fellow YouTuber Milly wa Jesus.

According to Kabi, were it not for Milly’s financial literacy, he would have been a big spender.

Kabi added that he would have spent all his money upgrading on the latest cars and even taking out unnecessary loans.

“For me I can credit some financial literacy to my wife, ingekuwa mimi tu ningekuwa naharibu sana, ningekuwa natesa kutesa, ningekuwa nanunua magari kubwa kubwa nikipata kitu kidogo, na nachukua loans,” Kabi said during an interview on Citizen TV’s Facebook show ‘The Disruption’ on Thursday.

Kabi WaJesus
Kabi WaJesus

The YouTuber revealed that over the years, they have found different ways of minimizing costs in their household.

Kabi shared that on their daily routines, they even carry food in the car to minimize on restaurants costs and only visit food establishments once in a blue moon.

“One of the things I’ve learnt is not to use all the money that I get, me and my wife carry food in the car to minimise costs of restaurants. When I was younger, I could think hiyo ni kujiangusha, by the time tuliamua kubeba chakula, we receipted all our spending on food and realized we needed to budget on how we spend on food…accounting for how you spend money is something else I have learnt,” Kabi said.

According to Kabi, the couple is currently focused on ensuring that they reach financial freedom so as not to resort to other desperate ways of making money.

“We’re currently working on our financial freedom so that we don’t have to depend on things like clout chasing to make money, a lot of show business, and then divert from the main cause which is sharing that marriage works and our journey of faith,” Kabi said.

Source: Citizen

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