I’m not running away from the pregnancy – Nameless

Nameless has caused a frenzy by announcing that he is not leaving his pregnant wife, Wahu, but rather jetting off to make money to care for her, his girls and the newborn.

He stated this is in a hilarious post announcing that he is about to start his US tour.

Nameless & Wahu
Nameless & Wahu

Nameless took a photo with his wife and daughters at JKIA saying,

“On a late night flight. I am the only one leaving for America. Hawa wengine ni kusindikisha tuu (The rest are here to see me off).”

He added,

“I will miss my gals though…Alafu, sijahepa PG moods and cravings by the way.. naenda kutafuta za daipers bana. (Please note, I have not run away from the pregnancy moods, I have left to earn more money to buy diapers).”

He concluded his post with,

“Praying for journey mercies!”

Here are some opinions by the undefeated people of the internet.


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