‘Nlikuwa Namdrop Kwa Boy Wake’ – Jaymo Ule Msee On How He Met His Wife

New celeb father, Jaymo Ule Msee, was recently interviewed by Mungai Eve and had some interesting revelations to make about his relationship with his wife.

During their conversation, the hilarious content creator narrated that he had first met his now-wife, Fortune when she was still dating someone else.

In fact, Jaymo even used to drop her at her boyfriend’s house after they had finished shooting content together.

“When I met Fortune she was dating other people, I even used to drop her at her boyfriend’s place when we leave the shoot together with the team, we would drop her where she was going, she was a good friend of mine and she knew who I was because I was not pretending.”


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Jaymo observed that them being friends before they dated had really been a boon for their relationship.

“The way we started out, helped us grow. One of the biggest challenges in relationships is people pretend to be who they are not when relationships start only for them to later reveal who they are. We have grown to this level because we started as friends.”

Jaymo also felt that being friends and workmates made their marriage easier because they were able to separate their work and professional life.

Jaymo Ule Msee

His thoughts in some way mirror the opinions Lulu Hassan made in an interview she had on Hot96 last week.

The Citizen TV host told Jeff Koinange,

“It’s interesting. I think if all employers allowed for couples to work together, Kenya would be far ahead because it works.”

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