‘I Have No Business With My Baby Mama, Their Family Did Me Dirt’- Thee Pluto

Famous YouTuber and businessman Robert Ndegwa- known to many as Thee Pluto, is among the youngest millionaires in the country. He has accumulated wealth at such a young age: and affords sumptuous property that so many people can’t even at their 40’s.

Despite being a ‘rich kid’ Pluto is still disenchanted with his baby mama, reason being he is still being denied access to his daughter.

Pluto had gone as far as arranging for a birthday party for her daughter at his place- where he even invited his family members. But his baby mama’s family did not show up, neither did his daughter. This became a huge disappointment to Pluto for he had splashed exorbitant cash to the party. He contemplated on taking the paramount issue to court- but in the grand scheme of things, Pluto decided to move on.

Thee Pluto

He has now shared that he has no business with the baby mama again.

Through an Instagram Q&A session, he expressed his dissapointment with his baby mama’s family.

Thee Pluto

I have no bs with my baby mama. Their family did me dirt. My BS would only be the child.”

He continued to share that the last time he saw his daughter was a year ago.

Thee Pluto

Pluto is yet to disclose details on who his baby mama really is. She has been on under wraps for years and still hasn’t come out to claim to be the baby mama. Maybe she’s not into publicity.

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