‘I Don’t Need A Woman In My Life,’ Daddy Owen Says He’s Been Celibate For 2 Years

Daddy Owen, a gospel musician, has sparked controversy with his latest revelation: he has been celibate for the past two years, and a relationship is the last thing on his priority list.

According to the musician, who separated from his wife two years ago, he is not looking for a relationship with anyone because he believes it is pointless.

He told Milele FM on the phone in a now-viral clip that he already has a child and is so preoccupied with work that he doesn’t see the point in getting a wife.

“Sitaki mwanamke Kwa maisha yangu, am busy kazi ni mingi, tena moto ninaye, Sasa nini ingine.( I am not looking for a woman in my life, am busy with alot of work. Also I have a child so there is no other reason to get a wife)

Daddy Owen

The news comes just days after the musician stated his desire to rekindle his love life, even posting a list of qualities that his future wife must possess.

According to Daddy Owen, his kind of woman would have to have come from the village as ‘the Nairobi ones are too spoilt’

“If I get someone right now I am very willing to settle down. I want her to be prayerful and from the village. The ones in Nairobi are already too spoilt. I want one from the village who by the time she starts knowing the ways of Nairobi I will have led her in the right path,” Daddy Owen said on Instagram.

According to the singer, any candidates for the position of wife would have to have a KCSE certificate as a bare minimum.

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