‘I Can Marry Phoina As My 2nd Wife!’ Bahati Proposes

Phoina Tosha launched her beauty and skincare line last night, in a well-attended event that saw her celebrity friends come through for her.

One of the best parts of the night was when aspiring Mathare MP, Bahati spoke. The singer attended the event in place of his wife, Diana Marua who is the brand ambassador of Phoina’s new line.

His impromptu speech was generic at first with the clearly unprepared Bahati going through the motions before acquitting himself later on.

“I am so happy to be here, although I hadn’t planned to give a speech. I am so happy to see what Phoina is doing,” he started.


He then explained that his wife, Diana had fallen sick shortly before the event and that was why she didn’t attend.

“Diana couldn’t make it today cause she fell sick. She’s at the hospital right now but she has sent her greetings. She told Phoina to look at her Mpesa.

Bahati then touched on Phoina’s impact on his life and how she had been there for him when he started doing secular music.

“I am so happy and God bless you. Thank you for always coming through for me. She (Phoina) is that person that when I was changing my music (I don’t want to say I left gospel), was the first person who offered to leave with me from Nairobi. We shot the video for Wanani for 3-4 days in Nanyuki and she left her work for all those days.

Wanani became one of my biggest songs in my music career. I am so humbled and I appreciate you for your support. I will always be here to pray and support you.”

His parting shot however will be remembered as the musician then cheekily offered to marry Phoina as his second wife.

“The only thing I am wondering Phoina is that you have not introduced us to your boyfriend. Mama Phoina natafuta pesa, naeza kumchukua kama bibi,” he said to collective laughs from the assembled guests.

Phoina herself doesn’t seem to be too interested in men right now. All her energies are focused on her businesses and her very close female friends.

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