I Am Lonely – Willy Paul Cries Foul

Singer Wilson Abubakar Radido also known as Willy Paul is now crying foul that he is a lonely man.The controversial artiste however clarified that he is not lonely for women but for peace of mind.

In a well-choreographed message Pozee says;

“I am a lonely man tonight. Sio kwa sababu ya mwanamke, mwanamke hawezi nifanya lonely. Siezi kosa mwanamke.” (I’m not lonely because of women, a lady can not make me lonely as I can never lack a woman)


This, he said in a video after his car got a puncture which he claims has been persistent for a while.

He alleges that the continuous puncture has been caused by other artistes who he claims are on his neck and have been baying for his blood.

“Nimekasirika!!! Kwani gari itashinda ikipata puncture??? Wasanii wachaneni na mimi, waganga wenu hawaniwezi. Ati oh mnajua naenda kutoa mahits hapa mnanitafutatafuta. Hamwezi niua, you can never kill me… I can never die, I will never die.” (I am so mad! Why do I always get a puncture? These artistes need to leave me alone, your witchdoctors would never put me down. Y’all know in about to drop hits so you hit me with disruptions. You cannot kill me, you can never kill me…)” he claims.

This follows his couple of videos showing off bundles of money and in a recent one he added a cryptic message saying;

“Sio kiburi but ni Ukweli.. ni pesa kidogo but wanaume please tubaki kuwa wanaume na tamaa isifanye tuchukue place ya madem please!! If you know you know !!”

Willy Paul is also notorious for chasing clout and at this point, it is hard to ascertain his claims.

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