He Called Me A Hippo – Kamene Reveals Why She Dislikes Mulamwah

Radio presenter Kamene Goro has opened up on her relationship with comedian Mulamwa.

According to Kamene Goro, she does not consider Mulamwah as a good person.

“Mulamwah is a bully, and he thinks just because he is a comedian it’s okay for him to be a bully. I posted a picture…he went and wrote something extremely hateful. I was like ‘me I don’t even know you, what have I done to you?” Kamene posed in an interview with Oga Obinna.

Kamene And Mulamwah

She added that some people have been trolling her because of the Mulamwah incident.

Kamene says they once met physically, and Mulamwah tried to tell her the comment was meant to be a comedy

“I met Mulamwah at Sarit like 2 years ago. After I think he called me a hippo/ elephant/Rhino…he was like ‘inakuwanga tuu jokes’. I told him to thank God I have confidence.

“You can not just go and say something abusive derogative and belittling to someone that you do not even know. I told him I don’t like him and we will never be friends,” Kamene said.

What annoyed Kamene more is the fact that Mulamwah’s comment could have impacted her brand negatively.

“Mulamwah was there degrading and insulting my life, which is not cool. He never apologised and I don’t want the apology. Let him do what he does… but he is not a nice person.”

Source: Mpasho

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