‘Gospel Died’- Eric Omondi Speaks On The Gospel Music Industry (Video)

Comedian Eric Omondi has shared his views on the diminishing gospel industry in the country.

The jester, who spearheaded play 75% local music debate late last year, is now pushing gospel artists to produce more entertaining songs to ensure the genre still survives.

However, he has maintained that for now, gospel music is dead and has scolded musicians who claim to be gospel artists; the likes of Ringtone and whatnot.

Eric Omondi

He made this statement in a recent interview with SPM Buzz where he purported;

”There’s no gospel industry… Gospel died a very bad death. ”

Eric continued to reminisce years back when gospel was performing better than secular music.

Times when Daddy Owen, M.O.G, Willy Paul, Bahati were doing well in the genre.

Eric maintained that a wave of ill-manners among the gospel musicians hit them and they slowly started transitioning into secular music.

”Kulikuwa tu na wave of usherati. Sijui ilitoka wapi? Gospel wanakulana kushinda secular. ”

He opined Ringtone is one of the biggest philanderers; and said that he sleeps with 4 women everyday at his residence in Runda.

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