Georgina Njenga Calls Out People Who Criticize New Moms For Partying

Tyler Mbaya’s baby mama Georgina Njenga has called out people who criticize her for having fun and those who say she shouldn’t go out since she has a child.

“Where did you leave your child?as if left her kwa barabara or with strangers,ofcourse I left her somewhere safe with people that I trust.”

Georgina Njenga
Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga pointed out that some people who meet her outside without her baby always feel the urge to ask her why she left the baby alone and others even send her such messages on her social media pages.

“First of all asking a mum where she left her baby when she’s trying to have fun is mom shaming since you all try to create a mom guilt in us. Apart from holding the tittle mum we have alot of other things to offer !! My first 3 months of being a mom really did overwork myself,I had no nanny because I felt like I would be a lazy mom!! I did everything by myself because I was so scared of even trusting anyone with her When I tell you l never left my apartment gate the whole 3months I mean it ata kuenda kwa duka.”

The mother of one said those people are always trying to create a Mom guilt in new mothers and they always forget that the person has other titles other than being a mother.

“The moment I allowed myself to receive help everything changed for me it’s crazy that I can be in the house 6/7 days but that one day everyone will try to make me feel bad for going.”

Georgina advised other young mothers who are going through the same to not let anyone make them feel guilty for living their life and to continue achieving their dreams in every opportunity that they get.

“I’m still a girl trying to achieve her dreams in her 20’s and I’m still going to live them in every opportunity that I get.If you are a young mum going through the same don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being you, yes we hold the tittle mum but that is not all that we are !! Being a mom is always going to be my priority if I’m somewhere and I get a call something is not okay I would not hesitate to go home immediately.”

Below are some comments concerning her post:

“I ain’t a mother yet but I feel her pain and I know very well what she means and feels.”

“Its actually very exhausting, little escapes here and there do a very good job of maintaining balance and preventing the parent from running mad!”

“I support her..No woman would leave their kid unsafe.ofkos the kid is always safe and in good hands.people should know even when you partying you keep scrolling your kiddo pics everytime.”

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