Fathers’ Day: Meet 14 Ghanaian Celebrity Fathers And Their Children

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Over the past few years, the fathers’ day celebration has gained quite some traction as it was barely observed as compared to mothers’ day.

Unlike mothers’ day, the fathers’ day celebration sees no huge advertising the pandemonium that comes with it as if procreation is a one party’s effort. We did not come to stir up this debate today anyway.

It is a day for fathers around the world and here are our celebrities who are known fathers and have never forgone the chance to showcase the products of their loins to us. Here are a few photos we could gather.

1. James has a kid??


2. Father and daughter bond so thick


3. Have you met Sarkodie’s baby boy? Full Story here.

sarkodie and son

4. Little Dumelo did not throw tantrums today.


5. Shatta Majesty and a fan…. Lol


6. Kelvynboy and his lovely daughter, Believe.


7. Fameye’s little Arvin


8. Meet Simona


9. Kidi and his son, Zane Nana Boadi Dwamena.


10. What kind of push up is Kwaw teaching his daughter?


11. His Majesty Nana Ansah Kwao IV and his daughter.

12. Meet a manufacturer and his products.


13. Nathan Debrah and a fan


14. Almost forgot the BHIM father himself


15. Who did we miss? Update this list by leaving your comments below.




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