Fans Only Sent Miracle Baby Sh 1k When He Needed Medical Help

Peter Miracle’s wife Katrue, has stated that they no longer need financial help adding that the Mugithi artiste has already found help.

Katrue had earlier taken to her socials asking Peter’s fans to help raise Ksh 300K for him to undergo surgery to unblock his intestines.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, she said,

“We no longer need the financial help, Peter is back home recuperating.”

Miracle Baby

Asked why she had taken to social media to ask for help she said

“At the time there was a letter written urgent, we had been told Peter had to go through surgery. He had been told that he had a tumor but I decided to take him home and seek a second opinion at different hospitals. It was confirmed that it was not a tumor, rather it was a blockage in the intestines.”


“We had not planned that he would get sick, we had used the cash we had on some projects that is why we asked for help. The cash fans sent was only 1K. We used 70K and out of that 10 K was sent by Dennis Itumbi. The other 60K ni sisi tuliprovide.”

Last week, taking to social media Katrue had penned,

“Hae guys it’s a higher time to address Peter’s health. The main reason is Peter’s stomach has been having issues since 2018 when he had an obstruction in the intestines. He then underwent the first surgery and was successful.”

But things had gone haywire again 2 years later when the problem flared up again, something that the singer had been dealing with.

Yesterday things came to a head when Peter’s stomach started aching so much so that he became unconscious.

“Recently in 2020, the stomach started aching once in a while till yesterday when it started aching frequently and we took him to Neema where he was unconscious.”

After an x-ray, it was found that he had another stomach obstruction. The cost of the surgery to fix it will be Ksh. 300,000 according to the person writing on Peter’s page.

“When he underwent an x-ray he found out that he has another obstruction. So the only way for him to heal is to have a second surgery which is costing Ksh. 300,000.”

The post concluded with a plea for help from friends and well-wishers on the number, 0719848841.

Peter’s unfortunate health emergency happened a few days after he celebrated his 24th birthday.

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